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Buying my first Packraft I bought my first Packraft! Amazing! An Alpacka Mule from Halvor Westerheim at It's been on my mind for a while now to give me the freedom to explore further into the surrounding areas outside and around Oslo. It fits perfectly on my bike and means I can go anywhere. Escape the city fast and get far over the weekends. The Mule is a beast of a raft and can take 500lbs so my bike and myself is no problem. It can also take two people at a squeeze. It fits on my Trek Superfly 8 with a front handlebar bag and straps.

It's been a complete "game changer" to explore Nordmarka and the surrounding lakes around Oslo. I can escape the "hustle and bushel" of the lively Grünerløkka, Oslo.

Bike Bags are from The Wave bags seem to be waterproof on the last few trips.

The back loader fits a tent too!

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